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NDIS Property Investment 

why are the wealthy people getting more wealthier ? 

Learn how to get up to much greater than normal returns if you purchase an approved NDIS property - this means on a $ 800k property , you may receive in excess of $ 100k per annum , however there are costs and other fees which need to be taken into account .* There are a number of factors and its best to be informed by professionals in this space - conditions apply  

We will teach you how it works , tell you about our builder and developer partners and how they work . What is involved in obtaining finance , who the lenders are in this space and what are the pitfalls involved if your not careful . Whilst the returns are high ,and they are  genuine , it is very complex and involved and you need the help of professionals all the way until completion and beyond .

We do not provide financial advice or legal but we do work with professionals who do offer this advice in conjunction with many players in this sector. 

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NDIS Investment looks like this - it's not for everyone !

We will be conducting NDIS webinar soon, so be sure not to miss out and register for it now , below

Break through the mold and grow your portfolio ! 

What we will talk to you about is how the NDIS works .

How we find providers and who they may be . Who are the players and the process . What are the costs associated and if finance is available . What happens to the tenants . Does this work like a normal investment property . Can we pay it off in 10 years . Are the rental estimates accurate and where do they come from ? And much more - we have all the answers with the help of others of course. 

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