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Complete Project Management

Land Development - Master Planned Communities

Multiple Townhouses and/or Apartment Sites

Small Lot Housing Code Advice -SLHC Product

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Land Development - Master Planned Communities

We would be delighted to collaborate with you and to work with designers and others to create a master planned community with 500 lots plus. In these communities we cater for schools, shops, cafes, workplaces, parks and gardens and community areas such as local area offices hubs, transport hubs and we integrate all this into an environmental and sustainable living model.

Most of these projects will have a mixture of home lots ranging in sizes to accommodate all the suite of home designs. This also includes retail, town homes, built form construction and industrial and office precincts.

We have been involved in many smaller land projects from 5-30 lots and more recently from 50 lots to 350 lots.


We have had experience in the following areas,


  • Identify Property Opportunities

  • Off Market Acquisitions

  • Strong Agent Relationships

  • Estate Master proficient

  • Due diligence reports

  • KPI Implementation & Risk


  •  Strong Construction understanding

  • Strong Melbourne market knowledge

  • Key Stakeholder Management

  • Total Site Implementation



  • Negotiation & Problem Solving

  • Strategy Risk Mitigation & Implementation

  • Detailed Feasibility studies

  • Leadership & Collaborator

  • Knowledge of entire cycle

I regularly report to key stakeholders and provide consulting services regarding all aspects of property development and marketing.


Whatever your project entails, we believe we have the experience and professional relationships to advice and manage it from start to delivery and beyond.


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Project Experience

Varying Projects which we had experience within a variety of assets classes from identifying to acquisitions to planning, marketing to delivery to post delivery. Most of these sites included quite complex situations from negotiating contracts to deciding on various planning matters to permit conditions to managing external consultants, we were able to negotiate our way through these matters. Some of these sites :-

  1.  Armstrong Creek Area

  2.  St Leonards Area

  3.  Hobbs Road Wyndham Vale – mostly SLHC

  4.  Wollahra Rise Wyndham Vale-  mostly SLHC and town homes inc MD

  5.  Mickleham Road Greenvale – Heritage Views Estate 

  6.  Yallambie Road Clyde South - Green Wedge Land

  7. Golf Links Road Narre Warren -Narre Warren Springs 

Sites under Due Diligence and negotiations but didn't proceed.

  1. Murray Road Rockbank 185 lots

  2. Bells Road Clyde North 120 lots

  3. McMullen Road Officer 104 lots

  4. Horseshoe Bend Road Armstrong Creek 300 lots 

  5. Watsons Road Diggers Rest 100 lots.

  6. Doherty Road Tarneit 50 lots

  7. Hardy’s Road Clyde North 150 lots

  8. McGrath Road Wyndham Vale 350 lots


During our engagement and development stages, we were responsible for all communications with consultants from State and Local Authorities from Sustainability & Environment, Planning, Engineering, Geo-technical and Civil Engineers, Land Surveying consultants, Landscaping Experts, Traffic and Heritage Consultants to obtain DA permits.  We also prepared reports and KPI’s to implement strategies and manage sites. In this capacity I became proficient using Estate Master software to produce reports, manage funding risk, monitor all aspects of project management cash flows, financial accounts, (in conjunction with the accountant), revenues, profit and oversee the management of IRR targets. 


Multiple Townhouses and/or Apartment Sites

We offer a service which includes sourcing and identifying opportunities suitable for development. This includes doing a first feasibility model to determine the suitability of the site and its readiness for market and calculate its profitability in the current climate. Some of these projects are quite complex and require a fair amount of due diligence prior to any recommended purchase or project management work.

We have been involved in many projects of a similar nature and are confident we are equipped to manage your project. Our contacts include potential joint venture partners, financing contacts, planners, engineers and project marketers, cultural heritage consultants, geo technical consultants, drainage, and civil contractors.

Small Lot Housing Code Advice -SLHC Product

Recently I had the privilege of collaborating with a company who are market leaders in this space and feel confident that we can not only advice but compete quite adequately for market share. I worked on over 200 SLHC products to market.

This sector is growing as the fastest pace in the market due to the affordability crisis.


its initiatives are suitbality to market but an emphasis on design, 7-star livability and all the modern cons included.

I have been involved in some of the best well-planned designs which captures light and open plan living to modern design features such as reverse cycle cooling and heating, lofty ceilings with a central kitchen and internal access from the garage. Laundry and bathrooms include double showers and large vanities and mirrors with urban facades to stand out in the street using earthy tones. With the updated livable housing design NCC regulations about to come into play, it is more important than ever to start planning these SLHC allotments with an end product in mind and preferable with select builders to ensure the outcomes meet the regulations and the marketplace. 

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