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Journey with us 

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New Homes

First Home Buyers

If this is your first home and are not sure which way to go, then it is best to get some advice from someone who is not affiliated to any one builder. We work with about 12 builders and in this instance, we are best suited to ensure the builder we choose can complete the home on time and to budget and expectation.


You may need help with obtaining finance, picking the right land, the suitability of the home to the land and area and ensuing it meet design guidelines of the estate.

We have been involved in the new home building industry for over 30 years. In this time, we have helped over 1000 home buyers. Can you help me ? 

New Home Quotation

We can provide you with an extremely competitive quote which is all inclusive of

  • Site costs

  • Design guidelines.

  • 6-star rating

Full inclusions such as carpets, tiles, driveway, stone benches, high ceilings, 900 mm appliances and in some instances, it will include landscaping, fences and blinds and Air Conditioning – just email your quote and phone or ideas you have, and we will get right on the job of quoting. Provide me a quote.


We have experience with new home buyers, new home quotation, unfinished homes and house & land packages.

If you are considering building a new home and have not finalised a quote yet, then come to us first and we will review and advice on which is the best direction to take.

Unfinished Homes

Partly under construction or Contracts signed and left with no builder.


Recently, there has been many homeowners left with no builder due to the liquidation of many builders. We have had experience dealing with homeowners who have had their home partly completed and or signed a building agreement only to find their builder has gone into Builder liquidation.

We have builders ready and willing to take on your new home and provide you a quote to complete your home. We will also provide your assistance in making a claim against the insurances for any difference in price between your original builder and your new builder.

Please talk to us and let us see if we can help you.

House & Land Packages

These are among our favoured to offer to you. We enjoy doing the research and identifying the right package to offer. This includes looking at the area and lots of available discounts on offer and packaging a highly competitive package with an edge, it may be price, inclusions, 12 months price lock, location, or all the above. Our investment packages include a 5-year rental guarantee and in some cases, we can offer you a mortgage reduction of $1000 per month for 12 months towards your home loan repayments.


There are conditions to these offers and are not offered along side each other and it does depend on the builder that we decide to place the package under.

Nevertheless, lets chat and see what type of offers we can get you in the marketplace and which best suits your circumstances.

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