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Property Investment Education

What are the things I need to understand and learn about property investment? What is involved in buying an NDIS investment ?

Read our 6 tips for Creating a Property Investment Plan when you are starting out.

Book a Free Discovery Session for 30 minutes – no obligation (link to make time)

Creating a Property Investment Plan

When creating a property investment plan, here are some of our beginner tips we will discuss with you when it comes to investing.

6 Tips for creating a Property Investment Plan


Understanding how long you need to keep your investment for to get the necessary wealth outcomes. We are currently in unpresented times where a boom is just around the corner. All the signs are there right now .


Understand your financial position and knowing what your ability to borrow is.


Understand the marketplace and areas in which we are going to recommend. We have hit rock bottom and are on a sharp upwards trend .


Understand the rental market – vacancy rates – what does a 5-year rental guarantee mean and how it works. Currently the main cities are experiencing 1% vacancy rates -never seen before 


Calculate your potential return – capital growth, considering all factors such as depreciation, interest and how all that fits into your lifestyle and financial position.


Collaborate with professionals such as accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers, and agents to ensure you get the best possible advice.

We have 35 years of experience in real estate, property investments, developments, and personal wealth structures which we have gained from our own property ventures.

You may have questions such as:

How do I become a successful property investor?


Can you make a living from property investment?


How do I start a property investment portfolio?


What is the average return on investment property?


Is a fixed rate or variable rate better for my investment?


What happens if my tenant vacates early?


What happens if interest rates keep going up, how will it affect me?


What is the risk associated with property investment, should I have insurance in place, income protection?

Work with Property Professionals

We will collaborate with you and introduce you to property professionals who will assist in each step of the process:


Free 30 Minute Discovery Session - 
no obligation


Mortgage Brokers assessment – 15-minute chat


If required, Accountant and Financial planners’ assessment – 15-minute chat.


Once the structure and strategy are worked out, then we will table the property that best suits the structure and strategy for you and start the property investment process.

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