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ATTENTION PROPERTY INVESTORS WITH $ 205K CASH OR EQUITY , learn more about how you can earn 30% ROI

Recent changes to funding has made it easier and now available for investors to get a higher rate of return on their property investment portfolio .

I can help you not only build property wealth but have an income from property investing similar to that of a full time wage.

This type of property investment was previously only reserved for institutional investors or Government. Learn how to get upwards of $ 61,500 per annum *after costs , this represents a return of 30% per annum on your equity .

There are property investors who have purchased these types of properties and some have up to 12 of these properties and earning $ 740,000 per annum , after costs.

contact me to find more .

They are based in metro areas and are residential and managed by a property

manager so all the hard work is done for you .

These properties are in high demand and low supply so contact me on John 0418308051* conditions apply

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