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*Mortgage Stress is almost at 50% of all Australians mortgage homeowners.

Almost half of Australia’s mortgage holders are under financial stress even before the Melbourne Cup day interest rate hike, paying at least 30%-35% of their income to service their loans.

Households diverting at least 30% of their disposable income to service a mortgage – a standard stress gauge – will account for 48.5% of total borrowers by the end of the year, according to the Australian National University’s Australian tax and welfare system model.

If you have a mortgage of $ 650,000, you will be paying a loan of close to $ 5000 per month with council and water rates and insurance. Then you add the cost of inflation to the equation which is currently at 5%. On a property worth $ 800,000 that's $ 40,000 per annum plus your loan repayments, this equates total of $ 100,000 per annum for the privilege to live there with perhaps not a lot of capital gain in sight over the next few years.

How will you repay the loan, how will you get ahead, how will you pay it off over the next few years?

What if I told you, there is a way to pay off your home loan in the next 9 years, and that's not you making any extra repayments, would this interest you?

There is now a way to get a positive cash flow property and the surplus it provides, is enough to make additional repayments and pay off your home loan for good or alternately, sell your underperforming asset, and put your capital into a higher-performing asset which producers an income for the next 10-15 years and beyond.

Contact me John Hendriks 0418308051 to see if you qualify. I am keen to talk to serious and interested parties as this is a limited opportunity and not everyone will Qualify.

* Information from an article from today's Guardian and an example using the CBA online calculator of mortgage repayments, there is no connection between this blog and the CBA whatsoever.

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