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Sunset Strip Waterfront Home Hits Market for Just $70,000

In the current economic climate, where the cost of living is soaring and housing affordability is a nationwide concern, a unique opportunity presents itself for those looking to buy their first home or invest in property in Australia. A waterfront home in Sunset Strip, priced at a mere $70,000, has recently been listed for sale. This price tag is equivalent to that of Australia's most popular vehicle, the Toyota HiLux. 

While the house could use some modernisation, it is ready to move into and offers an affordable alternative for those looking to step onto the property ladder or expand their property portfolio. The cost of this waterside property seems even more attractive when compared to the on-road costs of the HiLux, which has been Australia's favourite car for the last five years, or the Tesla Model Y, Australia's most popular SUV, both priced around $70,000 and $80,000 respectively.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom house is located at 47 Lakeview Ave Sunset Strip, approximately an hour east of Broken Hill and 12 hours west of Sydney. This property comes at about a tenth of the cost of the average Australian home. It boasts a garage and carport with space for up to four cars, two toilets (one external), and reverse split cycle air conditioning. 

Overlooking and with access to Menindee Lake, this home could serve as a permanent residence or a weekend getaway. Sunset Strip is a quaint village situated on the banks of Menindee Lake, about 100km from Broken Hill and 15km from Menindee. According to the 2016 census, it has a population of just 86.

Broken Hill First National Real Estate lists the property as "the perfect place to relax and unwind". The neighbouring town of Merindee, the oldest European settlement in western NSW, was once a bustling trading hub in the 1800s. Today, Menindee attracts tourists seeking the quintessential Australian outback experience. 

Broken Hill, a mere hour's drive from Sunset Strip, is recognised as a 'legendary outback heritage listed city' by Destination NSW. The median house price in Broken Hill is $190,000, according to PropTrack data.

For those considering how to invest in property in Australia, this Sunset Strip home offers a unique and affordable opportunity. Whether you're looking to buy your first home or seeking investment property support, this lakeside home is worth considering. Not only does it offer a chance to own a waterfront property at a fraction of the usual cost, but it also provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and beauty of the Australian outback.

In a time when Australians are feeling the pinch of rising living costs, this $70,000 property stands out as a beacon of affordability. Whether you're looking to buy your first home or expand your investment portfolio, this Sunset Strip property offers an opportunity that's too good to pass up. 

The prospect of owning a waterfront home for the price of a family car might seem too good to be true. However, with this Sunset Strip property, that dream could become a reality. So why not exchange the cost of a new car for a new home? After all, home is where the heart is. INVESTING IS ABOUT KNOWING WHERE TO BUY AND HOW TO SET IT UP TO GET THE MOST OUT OF IT TO BENEFIT YOU . Email me for a chat 

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