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Potentially you may be able to earn up to 12% Return on Investment property *conditions apply

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

There are property to be built for a specific purpose which are in the metro areas , homes on a lot in an estate near shops , schools and freeways , which are for sale as part of the NDIS scheme and are for sale where you can earn potentially up to $ 2000 per week , that's right on homes up to $ 800k - $ 930k in value, but like all investments in property ,you need to fully armed with the correct knowledge , information and risk factors and deal only with approved professionals in this space . what to know more ?? conditions do apply and we will connect you with experts who will explain all you need to know before making a decision about if it's right for you .

Investing in NDIS Approved Property in Australia: Securing High Returns and Long-Term Stability Introduction: Investing in property has long been a favored strategy for building wealth, and one niche that has gained attention in recent years is NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) approved property. This article explores the compelling benefits of investing in NDIS approved property in Australia, highlighting the potential for high returns and the enduring nature of the NDIA scheme. Understanding the NDIS and Its Longevity: The NDIS, established in 2013, is a government-funded initiative designed to provide support and services for Australians with disabilities. Its primary aim is to enhance their quality of life by granting them access to necessary services, therapies, and equipment. The scheme is set to continue for the long term, as it addresses a fundamental societal need and enjoys broad bipartisan support. How NDIS Approved Property Works: NDIS approved properties are designed and constructed with accessibility and accommodation for people with disabilities in mind. These properties adhere to specific guidelines and standards set by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) to ensure the comfort and safety of individuals with disabilities. Investors have the opportunity to buy, own, and lease out these properties to NDIS participants seeking suitable accommodation. Benefits for Property Investors:

  1. Stable Rental Income: NDIS participants receive funding from the government to cover their accommodation needs, making rental income relatively secure and consistent. This stability can provide investors with a reliable cash flow stream.

  2. Long-Term Tenancies: The nature of the NDIS scheme necessitates long-term housing solutions for participants. As a result, investors can enjoy extended tenancies, reducing the potential for frequent turnover and associated vacancy costs.

  3. Potential for High Returns: The combination of stable rental income and the potential for capital appreciation can lead to attractive returns on investment. As the demand for NDIS approved housing grows, property values could appreciate, boosting overall returns.

  4. Positive Social Impact: Investing in NDIS approved property aligns with a socially responsible approach. By providing accessible and comfortable housing to people with disabilities, investors contribute to enhancing the quality of life for a marginalized community.

  5. Government Support: The government's commitment to the NDIS and its ongoing funding ensures a reliable source of income for property investors. This support adds an extra layer of security to the investment.

Conclusion: Investing in NDIS approved property presents a compelling opportunity for property investors in Australia. The scheme's long-term nature, stable rental income, potential for high returns, and positive societal impact make it an attractive avenue for diversifying a real estate portfolio. As the NDIS continues to provide vital support to individuals with disabilities, the demand for suitable housing is expected to grow, solidifying the appeal of this investment strategy for years to come.

learn how to get started , do you qualify for the property , how long will it take? , what guarantees do i have? , can i get tax benefits? , is this secure? , is it genuine ,and why does it sound too good to be true ?

We are keen for you to know all the facts about this type of investment and ensure you are fully aware of all factors prior to making any decision to buy a new build purposes home for an NDIS Providers. we only work with approved parties in this space.

we will answer all these questions and more - book a time to chat

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