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Bunbury Crowned Australia's Top Non-Capital Property Market

Bunbury, a city in Western Australia, has been crowned as the most favourable non-capital property market in Australia, says a recent analysis by Suburbtrends. The research took into account 14 critical factors, including rental affordability, a maximum distance of 200 kilometres from the capital, a maximum budget of $750,000, and a minimum yield of 4.5%.

The study examined several SA4 regions, such as Ballarat, Bendigo, Gold Coast, Bunbury, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Mandurah, Central Coast, Geelong, and Illawarra. However, only four locations made the final cut. Kent Lardner, the founder of Suburbtrends, acknowledged the complexity of the selection process. He stated that identifying suburbs based on rental affordability was particularly challenging as most households allocate over 30% of their income towards rent.

Lardner further added that the analysis provides a comprehensive view of the current Australian property market in these prime non-capital locations. The research uncovers trends, opportunities, and challenges and offers practical advice for investors and first-time home buyers. This is particularly useful for those looking to buy an investment property or seeking assistance in buying their first home.

Bunbury emerged as the top contender due to its unique characteristics. It was one of only two regions to score four points in the analysis. The city boasts a large number of suburbs that fulfilled the selection criteria and offers an impressive yield of 6.2%. Furthermore, Bunbury's diverse economy, excellent lifestyle amenities, and easy connectivity to Perth were also highlighted in the report.

"Bunbury's unique characteristics align well with our criteria. Its status as a gateway to the South West region and the balance it offers between livability and investment appeal make it a standout in our shortlist," said Lardner.

The Sunshine Coast in Queensland also scored four points in the analysis. It led in areas indicating a mature and stable property market. The Sunshine Coast has the highest percentage of fully owned properties, the highest socio-economic ranking, and tops the inventory metrics.

The Gold Coast scored three points in the analysis. It had the best vacancy rate, best rental affordability, and highest median income among the shortlisted locations. These figures underscore the Gold Coast's appeal for renters and those looking to invest in property in Australia.

Finally, Western Australia's Mandurah made it to the top four due to its strong price growth. It led both the three-month and six-month price growth categories. This upward trend in property values may attract those looking for capital appreciation.

In conclusion, Bunbury's emergence as Australia's best non-capital property market is a testament to its balance between livability and investment appeal. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or invest in property in Australia, Bunbury offers a promising return on investment and a high-quality lifestyle. find out other suburbs with great potential capital growth -its a great time now to invest into property - someone told me last week , they way prices and inflation are rising , we all don't have a choice but to invest to even stay in the game to pay our bills and debt . 

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