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Porter Davis Liquidation- Signed a contract - Home under construction.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

If you have been recently affected by your builder going to Voluntary Liquidation, do not fear, there is hope!

It is a very unfortunate situation; however, Victorians have been through this in the past and despite what the media and others will say, there is a way out of the mess.

Signed a contract, paid 5% deposit and an insurance policy was issued.

You're in luck so to speak, you can make a claim against the insurance for the difference between the new quote and the previous quote. There are some conditions that apply but we can help you through this situation. We have at least 5 registered builders who are willing to help you .

Singed a contract paid 5% deposit but no insurance policy was in place.

if you have not as yet found a builder who is willing and able to help, give us a call and we have builders ready and willing with financial capability to take on your home and complete it. We will guide you through the process and journey to getting a quote, to meeting with the builder to making a claim against the insurance. Great News, yesterday the Victorian Government has agreed to reimburse about 500 owners who had paid a deposit but didn't have insurance cover.

Home is under construction but not yet completed.

whilst this maybe a little challenging and very unfortunate and super stressful, all is not lost. We have Budlers who we know can step in and complete your new home. Preferable your plaster is not in as yet, as this may make it easier for the new builder to ensure that all the services are installed correctly.

We will chat to you and provide a clear and concise way out of the mess. We have at least 2-3 registered builders who can provide this service. Let's set up a time to chat.

All of this it at no obligation, if you wish to find out more. contact me

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