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We will beat any Home Builder's written quote or you will receive $ 100 for your efforts !

Recently there has been a unique shift in the marketplace , the household named - builders have had their fair share of problems due to many reasons including but not limited to,

trades increasing their rates, shortage of supply of materials , the Covid ripple from the last 2 years and the war , all of these factors have made it almost impossible for large builders with a significant exposure to survive . I worked up until recently at a top 10 builder and I'm well aware of the set backs first hand . I watched it unfold over the past 2 years in our industry from boom to almost bust cycle .

There are however much smaller builders who don't have the multiplication factor exposure as do the larger builders do . The larger builders build over 1000 homes per year and whatever their shortcomings are , is multiplied 1000 times over and hence the problems are so significant that in some cases its irreversible . The smaller builders build say 100 homes a year and are therefore not exposed to the industry set backs in such a dooming way.

If you signed a contract and left without a builder or if you have a lot and wish to build , let me know and ill get you a very competitive quote from a builder who is reliable and can start your home on time and can complete it .

Recently I quoted a turn key family home of 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , garage and this included high ceilings , Eva Cooling and heating , 900 mm appliances and stone everywhere - fixed price for $ 233,000 - This price was $ 20k less than the other quotes the client had received and in one quote was $ 40k less. I introduced them to the builder and there were very happy to proceed .

Recently we had a developer who wanted to build a 25 sqs single storey home with everything that open and shuts . The home was 4 beds, 2 bathrooms , large living areas and alfresco and this was a fixed price of $ 288000, again with all the concrete and landscaping and driveway completed .

Give us a go , what do you have to lose - its only a chat for a quote but you must send us your other quote so we can see exactly whats included in the other builders price as well or 0418 30 80 51

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